Income Tax & Estate Return Preparation

Since 1992 The Tax Practice has successfully prepared income, estate and gift tax returns for individuals, small businesses, estates and trusts. Business entity filings encompass general and limited partnerships, C and S corporations, limited liability companies, and tax-exempt organizations.  After-the-fact payroll filing services are offered to all individual and business clients.

Whether you are establishing a new business entity or facing filing questions over an unfamiliar election, transaction or asset transfer, it’s important to consult a tax professional.  Seeking competent advice ensures filing compliance and protects against the potential for delinquent tax and penalty assessments.

If you are coping with the administration of a deceased family-member’s estate, The Tax Practice recommends engaging professional services to ease the burden of trust and estate tax compliance.  Estate tax filings represent one of the largest tax revenue sources, and are subject to the highest audit rate among all federal tax filings.